Pushing Passion to Purpose


When you find something you’re interested in, it becomes hard to stop thinking about it. You wake up at night thinking about ways to incorporate this into your life. It starts to take over.

What becomes hard for new entrepreneurs and brand builders is figuring out how to restructure their routines and add something new into the mix. Whether that means figuring out where in your day you can find a pocket of time to work on your craft, working around your current 9-5 to figure out what to do from 5-9, there are a lot or pieces that are on the table. No matter what, that interest doesn’t seem to be going away so you need to do something about it.

There are some people who come to a crossroads and decide, this is it. I have to go full force with what I believe in because I see no other way. There are some others who create a plan and continue working as is, but begin to put some time, even if it is an hour a day, into building their own brands on the side. No matter which route you take, the idea is to turn that passion into a purpose and not let it go idle. It is a blessing to have that fire and then to turn that fire into a blaze. When you put that blaze towards something and know that it is true to you, there is no telling where you will stop because there is no blueprint. You just have to chase it and see where it takes you.

There is no doubt that when you believe in what you are doing and decide to chase a passion, you can go far. Another person’s success does not lay the blueprint for yours so the challenge is to make things work for you. Decide what you want to do and figure out how to get there. Just don’t sit and wait for the “right” moment to turn it into a purpose.