Using Your Brand to Celebrate It's History and Remind Others What It Stands for

As you continue to establish your brand, you want to celebrate the milestones and important moments throughout your career and growth. By developing a connection to the people and yoru supporters, your brand begins to build equity with those people and you can continue to remind others of why you started in the first place. In Spring 2018, Designer Sam Edelman decided to release a new campaign called The Land Of Enchantment featuring model Carolyn Murphy. The campaign, for which Edelman worked alongside his wife and business co-founder Libby Edelman, creative director Sam Shahid and well-known photographer Kelly Klein, was created to celebrate his 40 years in footwear and fashion.

“In recognition of that milestone, I wanted to celebrate what the brand has always stood for: integrity, timeless elegance, elevated and effortless style and the empowered woman. I chose Libby, Kelly and Carolyn to partner with me on this project to create our most authentic campaign yet,” said Sam Edelman.


When we think about what our brands mean to us, we have to remember the reasons why we started. While the mission of the brand can change over time, and it shouldn’t change every 5 minutes, we know that when we decided to start our brands, we had a goal, we had a purpose. We had something that pushed us forward to create and share our creations with the world. Am I lying? No sir, otherwise we wouldn’t be sitting here today.

When you present yourself to people, they see what you give to them. That is why authenticity is so important. There is no other like you and no one can have the same thought process as you. No one can be more true to you than you. When you start to talk about your brand, people can build a relationship with you because there is a story and people love a good story. Take them to your roots, engage them in your history, and if for no one else, keep the story of your start close to heart because if it wasn’t for then, there would be no now.

What is the story behind your brand?