Making Sure Your Message Aligns with Your Brand

Image: Foot Locker

Image: Foot Locker

Last month, Nike did a collaboration with Foot Locker for the Nike Air Max Frequency Pack, dedicated to the 90’s. These two are so closely aligned in their history and audience, it only made sense to come together for an awesome marketing campaign again. The campaign  'Mo Flow Cab Hail The ‘90s' brought in 90’s Hip Hop star Fat Joe to ride in an NYC taxi cab. Riders were challenged to recite lyrics to 90’s hip hop songs and if they completed the challenge, were taken to the Foot Locker location to pick up a pair of Air Max from this collection.

The reason this is so important is that this wasn’t a far fetch or completely out of the blue tactic. Not only is there a long standing history between the two brands, Nike and Foot Locker, but there is a major connection between the artist they chose and the product they are releasing, the 90’s. Even further, the way in which Nike and Foot Locker chose a partner in Fat Joe and the music which riders were challenged to sing, only solidified the importance of the connection for the brands to the 90’s with this Frequency Pack.

When you decide to use a third party, like an influencer, or do a brand partnership, there must be a true connection and authentic synergy. Not only do you want your brand to be well represented, you also want your consumers to understand the point and purpose of the partnership. A true connection will flow easily and make it that much less likely for a “Huh?” moment when people see your marketing.

At the end of the day, stay true to your core and continue to make sure your brand identity lives throughout all of your communication.

Creating Your Own Lane With Delaina Pinckney

One of the important things in fashion is knowing when you don't know. For that reason, we have amazing stylists who are there to help us create looks. An extra bonus is when that stylist can also help give us some makeup advice as well.

Delaina Pinckney is originally from Sumter, SC and has been working in the fashion and beauty industry for almost a decade. Even prior to her career experience, she has been met with the challenge of creating a unique sense of style coming from a small town with few options. Not only did this fuel her passion for DIY, but it also created a platform for authenticity and building yourself as a brand.

Epitome Of Style

"Fashion fades, Style is eternal," said Yves Saint Laurent and it is something we have heard for years upon years. There are so many people that can pull off fashion and just as greatly, many that we look at that can create eternal style. This list shows some of the people who embody style to the t. Check out their links for some more fashion inspiration.


Kahlana Barfield currently serves as the Editor-At-Large for InStyle magazine. Just as the magazine title states, she is one that is always In Style. She can turn any look, from dressy or casual, into something you would covet. 



Salomon Dubois Thiombiano has styled for GQ, Vogue and a few others and of course, you may catch him on the streets on his way to another show during Fashion Week but he does not hesistate to put his fashion on display and customize his very own style. See how you can get it on his site here.

image: @ducdubois


Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard is from Nigeria but currently leaving her fashion trail on the streets of Denver, CO. Through her blog and fashion, one of her goals is to inspire so head over to her site and check out some of the latest outfit inspirations here.

image: @rantiinreview


Kish Raveendran hails from Sri Lanka but brought the style with him when he went over to Canada. He spent some years in France before getting there, where he picked up a few tips and developed a style of his own. See some of his latest looks on his site.

image: @stylebykish


Kyrzayda Rodriguez can tear of the streets of NYC in a pair of sneakers or from the heights of one of her many heels. She shows us how to play in our own comforts of style and still make it all look good. Read more about her on her site.

image: @Kyrzayda


Anthony Urbano walks the streets of new York turning high fashion into his own thing. He creates his own style by pairing pieces together in the manner he sees fit, and that is a true definition of style. 

image: Oh Anthonio


Sheryl Luke created Walk in Wonderland to showcase all of her fashion and style as she lives her daily life in Los Angeles, CA. She loves to try new things and inspire so hopefully she can inspire you to try some new looks too.

image: Walk in Wonderland